Architectural bay

If you imagine two persons kissing we could be thinking of love, sex, friendship, perhaps even of hope, passion, future, sincerity, tranquillity and an endless amount of messages that, depending on the receiver and the circumstances, model the perception but nevertheless still refers to a picture of two persons kissing. This is how we are able to understand that a picture acts like an interface between evocation and sensitivity. The architecture has the ability to transmit feelings, to be the link between messages and receivers, being part of the world of interactivity, the architecture acts like an interface between shape, space and soul.
The architecture as a metaphor, a language of skins and shapes, able to involve multiple contents and able to evoke and bring resonance to every conceivable area.
In this context, every regulation is an obstacle in relation to the real mission of architecture and a lack of trust in the talent of transmission, but this is largely due to our fault for trying to record our creative capability. We are to blame of interrupting our ideas, our expression…
We should opt for the possibility of reinvent ourselves in each moment, we should not abandon it, we should observe, capture feelings, create requests and targets, model our interface to contribute something disturbing or serene, something evocative, there is no concrete way to act, there is the sensitivity and the ambition to transmit.
Given the fact of claudication of architectural town planning in favour of an “economical-political-social” one (namely of anti-town-planning), architecture has the option to develop a surgical activity by generating single motivations that, at the same time, reactivate points, areas and attitudes. This surgery has become nowadays our most effective tool to generate debate and architectural reviews to keep the need for space alive and to opt for a creative activity versus a merely productive one. It is not about that every city counts on their more or less numerous group of “branded” buildings, but rather on the claim of a positive attitude and trust towards architecture as the originator and symbol for improvement and progress of our societies. Our projects are a gamble on this attitude.