Unfortunately architecture in Malaga is neither one of the main touristic nor cultural attractions of the city. When we think of big cities like New York, Shanghai, Beijing, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona… we as architects feel misplaced in Malaga.

It is obvious that we do not have an architectural history as Florence or Rome and you cannot do anything about this fact but yet the truth is that the 20th century helped cities without these characteristics to make a leap concerning its own architectural evolution. Malaga and therefore its architects have gone unnoticed during this period, wasting the biggest stage of growth of our city without any creative criterion.

The coastal dispersion of our province is not an excuse to refuse our possibilities to make Malaga start its path to become something more than a plate of anchovies.

We firmly believe in the talent of the new generation of architects and we are not willing to follow the steps of our predecessors that have been an adulation machine towards politicians to gain a huge amount of projects which, because of productive anxiety, have filled Malaga with waste made out of bricks.

It is important that we as architects of Malaga do not give up in this situation and we have to be able to generate raise awareness about the fact that architecture is a creative activity that can and must improve our lives and our city.
Our architectural bureau has often defended that if it is not possible to start a creative work from the town planning (fact that would permit a bigger coherence, not only from the aesthetic point of view but also from a structural one), the best way to start regenerating our city is through specific actions which sow the valuable seeds of what architecture is able to represent for Malaga and the essential role that we as architects have to assume.

We have lost the battle against town planning and left it to lawyers, politicians and neighbourhood associations (the evidence shows it), but we have to be able to change and improve the place where we live from the constructive point of view. We have to make understandable that we need to lead Malaga back to the path of excellence. This is a widespread call but, of course, it is a call concerning the attitude Malaga’s architects must have thereon.